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Comodo Web Inspector Web Inspector

Comodo Web Inspector is cloud-based malware and blacklist monitoring service. It connect your site via SSH or FTP and scan your code files on server for possible vulnerabilities and generate ready to submit PCI Compliant report.

Comodo Website Inspector

Comodo web inspectorComodo site inspector is used to scan all kind of websites including compromised/ hacked websites, blacklisted websites, websites containing malware, malicious code, malware alert from Google Webmaster Tools, running strange processes on server, unknown files/ folders on server, strange redirects, slow loading of website, blank page when open website. Comodo site inspector is also used for websites which are working as payment gateway or accepting online payments as a merchant or using third party payment gateway. Except all above cases you can also use Comodo website inspector for normal websites to protect them against any expected attack and keep your website safe, secure, avoid website downtime and keep always ready for visitors.

Comodo Website Inspector by Comodo® available in 4 variants:

Comodo Web Inspector Starter - 50 Number of pages scanned, Web Inspector Plus - 250 Number of pages scanned, Web Inspector Premium - 750 Number of pages scanned, Web Inspector Enterprise - 1000 Number of pages scanned.

Comodo Web Inspector Starter Anti-Malware | $82

Comodo Web Inspector Starter Anti-MalwareComodo Web Inspector Starter is a robust starter level cheap solution to protect your website from hackers via regular anti-malware scan and blacklist monitoring. Comodo PCI scan ...

Comodo Website Inspector Plus | $149

Comodo Website Inspector PlusComodo Web Inspector Plus can scan upto 250 webpages from your website, also scan code files (php, java, py etc) on your server via SSH or FTP connection. No need to download and ...

Comodo Web Inspector Premium | $251

Protect your website with daily monitoring for blacklists, on-site malware, and PCI compliance scanning. You’ll be informed of any issues possible for your website and get the added ...

Comodo Web Inspector Enterprise Daily Scan | $453

Protect your website with daily monitoring for blacklists, on-site malware, and PCI compliance scanning. You’ll be informed of any issues possible for your website and get the ...

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    Comodo Web Inspector Login

    All versions of Comodo site inspector have Comodo site seal or Trust seal, Inspect Daily Malware Scan, Blacklist Monitoring, Detect Daily Scan for Vulnerability, Network Security, Protect Immediate Notifications (email), Check Against at Latest Malware, Continuous Monitoring, No Software Download, Easy to Use Dashboard.

    Comodo Website Inspector is a must tool for e-commerce and other secure websites. It is a cloud based service that scan your website for malware and detects any vulnerability threats. It is also essential tool for PCI compliance scanning for e-commerce websites that accept credit card payments. Comodo PCI Scan generate PCI compliance report which is the first mandatory requirement for accepting credit cards/ debit cards on your e-commerce website . Latest functionality includes server side scanning where businesses can provide Comodo with direct access to the website source files via SSH or FTP. With this access, Comodo can check for:

    • Presence of Insecure Files/Folders Permissions on the server which could be used to extract information from the website or could be used to store any hacking script.
    • .htaccess Hack vulnerabilities
    • Malicious PHP Shell Attacks vulnerabilities
    • Malicious or Suspicious Code present in server side files
    • Phishing Page present on your website
    • Webpage Defacement 

    About Comodo

    Comodo is a leading internet security provider. With Headquarters in New Jersey (USA) and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security services, including SSL Certificate, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for more than 200,000 businesses, and with more than 40 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software.

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