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  • PCI ScannerPCI Scanner
  • Site SealDynamic Site Seal
  • Malware ScanMalware Scan
  • Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly
  • Issuance Issuance - 1-3 Days

Comodo Web Inspector Starter is a robust starter level cheap solution to protect your website from hackers via regular anti-malware scan and blacklist monitoring. Comodo PCI scan and compliance is great tool for websites processing credit card online. Comodo Site Seal assure your customers about their data security. Comodo site inspector is an online tool which ensure the customer data safety.

Comodo Web Inspector is a powerful malware and blacklist monitoring service for websites. If malware is discovered or if the website is found on any one of a range of website blacklisting services, then the account owner is immediately notified via email. This early warning system helps save thousands of website owners per year from the potentially catastrophic effects of seeing their website blacklisted. Web Inspector also incorporates a fully fledged PCI Scan Compliance solution powered by HackerGuardian technology. This enables qualifying merchants to meet the network vulnerability criteria laid out in section of the PCI guidelines. The Web Inspector PCI solution also offers a free compliance wizard to guide merchants through all other requirements of the guidelines.

Comodo Site Seal is Dynamic

Comodo Web Inspector Starter also provide Comodo site seal which is dynamic and easy to install. Comodo site inspector recommends the seal to be installed on each page where you want to display the Comodo site seal. It is visible assurance for your customers that the website is regularly scanned and free from malware and any other kind of hacking scripts.

Comodo Website Inspector Features and Benefits:

  • Auto Setup in backend panel, daily malware scans of all website pages, the Starter version supports up to 50 pages.
  • Regular daily checks and send report that your website is not present on any Internet blacklists .
  • Full reports on malware, affected code and advice regarding removing these code infections.
  • Site seal assures customers that your website is malware-free and trustworthy.
  • Web Based Control Panel / Dashboard, No Software download and installation, Easy to use and setup, Just sign up and scan within minutes.
  • Includes PCI compliant network vulnerability scanning service.

Comodo PCI Scan & Compliance

PCI Compliance Scanning service in Comodo web inspector is a fully configurable vulnerability assessment and reporting service for networks and web servers. As Comodo is PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), our 'Web Inspector Scan Control Center' range provides everything a merchant needs to become compliant with the PCI vulnerability scanning guidelines. The PCI Scan Compliance Service is an on-demand, vulnerability assessment scanning solution to enable merchants and service providers to achieve PCI scan compliance.

In Comodo website inspector after each scan, users receive a comprehensive vulnerability report detailing any security issues alongside remediation advice and advisories to help fix them. Following a successful scan (no vulnerabilities with a CVSS base score greater than 4.0), merchants are provided with an official PCI compliance report that can be sent to an acquiring bank.

WI PCI also offers a web-based Internal Scanning feature to run vulnerability scans on the individual devices connected to your network and protected by a firewall or other network security devices.

Web Inspector PCI uses the latest Common Vulnerability Scoring System version 2 (CVSS v2).

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