Code Signing SSL Certificate Code Signing

Code Signing SSL Certificates are used for signing the installable code to authenticate the owner organisation name and create trust among users of software. These certificates are compatible with Windows, Adobe Air, Java, Firefox, Microsoft Office & VBA, Apple, Silverlight. If you install unsigned software on computer it shows warning message and People not download or install any applications that show warning popup on their computers, which is why code signing certificates are so valuable. By signing your installable file with this encryption technology, a third party Certification Authority (CA) will confirm you as the author of the file and the certificate will automatically alert the user if any changes are made to the code. That way you don’t have to worry that someone has altered your work without your knowledge.

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing Certificate make sure that your code or compilation is not tempered in mid-way during online transfer. This certificate ensure that the particular source code is free from malware and trojan code, thus ensure the trust at your build and client can install the application without any doubt. It also prevent OS generate warnings like "The application source is unknown, it may contain virus" etc.

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Thawte Code Signing CA - G2

Thawte Code Signing Certificate is designed to work on multiple servers, it is good for mid-level organisations looking for best cost effective solution to sign their code in production mode. Being a multi server this one certificate can be installed on several machines and boost the working efficiency of your organisation. So protect and distribute your code from without being tempered and built your reputation.

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Symantec Code Signing Certificate

Symantec Code Signing Certificate is top level code signing certificate provided by No. 1 CA of the industry, people trust it with closed eyes. This comes with advanced vulnerability assessment feature which make sure that signed code is free from malware, trojan and other malicious code. This certificate also have multi-server option which make it cost effective when you use for many machines.

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