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  • PCI ScannerPCI Scanner
  • Site SealDynamic Site Seal
  • Malware ScanMalware Scan
  • Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly
  • Issuance Issuance - 1-3 Days

Protect your website with daily monitoring for blacklists, on-site malware, and PCI compliance scanning. You’ll be informed of any issues possible for your website and get the added trust benefit of the Comodo Web Inspector Seal, so your customers will see your investment in their security.

Blacklist Monitoring and a Daily Malware, Vulnerability & PCI Scanner in One!

Web Inspector by Comodo® at its core is a powerful cloud-based malware and blacklist monitoring service (plus much more) for websites. It ensures security at the highest order. If there is a known malware strain discovered on a site or if a website is found to be blacklisted on any major search engine for any reason, the owner is immediately notified through an email. This immediate notification helps the website owners reduce the risk of major website catastrophes and keeps their customers security a priority.


Web Inspector is not your standard variety malware service, it is a comprehensive system operating within the cloud that ensures you website security of the highest order.

Conceived by the think tank over at Comodo Innovation Labs that includes many of the very brightest computer and internet security minds out there Web Inspector provides a superior service boasting a variety of features in one single package.

With the risks associated with transferring sensitive information online well-documented to customers maintaining a high level of trust and untarnished reputation have become all the more important. Web Inspector's extensive daily malware scanning, thorough blacklist monitoring, and continuous monitoring of possible oncoming threats do more than enough to maintain those two vital components.

Web Inspector also includes complete PCI compliance scanning driven by Comodo's HackerGuardian technology for e-commerce websites to maintain compliance with the payment card industry's mandatory standards.

With all considered Web Inspector is truly an application developed with the security of your website, business and customers in mind.

Features & Benefits

  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Immediate Notifications
  • No Downloads, no complicated set up
  • PCI Scanning
  • Database Security
  • Trust Seal

Product Specifications

  • Automatic, daily malware scans keep your website and its sub-domains safe.
  • Accessible web-based interface makes for easy use.
  • Immediate notification guarantees proper problem mitigation.
  • Site seal assures customers that your website is both safe and trustworthy.

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