SSL Certificate Refund Policy

SSL 30 days money back

SSL Retail thoroughly believes in 100% customers’ satisfaction that is why we ensure standards of the quality of the products that too at the affordable prices. Even though if you are not satisfied with any of our products, you can cancel the order within 28 days and your 100% money will be available for any new order or refund to your account.

No question asked, no explanation or justification needed to initiate cancellation or refund request.

There is no cancellation fee or any kind of deduction except PayPal payment gateway. Always in the favour of the customers, SSL Retail assures the 100% refund of the money on all requested cancellations within 28 days of course.

No refunds/ return charge for credit card payments. Processing refunds/ return via PayPal will charge $1 or 1% of amount which ever is higher. This is PayPal refund processing charge, charged only for PayPal refunds.

Guarantee window?

The international date when you place order will be counted as "day one" and very next 29 calendar days will cover the guarantee period. Any holiday window due to any reason will not be considered.

What if I avail 28 Days Credit Offer?

28 days money-back guarantee and 28 days credit offer can not be applied in combination. If you avail 28 days credit offer, in that case, 28 days money-back guarantee will not apply.

How to cancel my order?

All products or certificates are not eligible for cancellation, like code signing certificates, digital signing or email certificates and scanning products are not eligible for cancellation.

Once you have finally decided to cancel a particular cancellable product in an order, all you need to do is to send a cancellation request in an e-mail to using the same email address which was used during the ordering process. Here, you need to order number received at the time of the order confirmation/purchase.

You can also open a cancellation request by logging in and open a cancellation request.

If you have any query or if you are facing any problem, you can contact us anytime as we alive around the clock.

Replacement or Change of SSL Certificate

Don't worry!! if you ordered for wrong product or you willing to buy or willing to upgrade to another certificate within 28 days of order. Just cancel the current order and buy a new one, you only need to pay the difference. Just send us a mail at

Cancelled certificates or products?

After cancellation of SSL or Email certificate or any other product you are not supposed to use it, cancelled certificates and products will be put in the blacklist or marked as untrusted, such certificates harm your website, server or system. We hold no responsibility for any such harm or damage in any case.

Once you have cancelled an order of the SSL certificate, you are no more able to use it and you are requested to uninstall it as soon as possible.

Note: SSL Retail holds all rights to add, delete, modify or edit this policy time to time in good faith of customers and business itself.