Keshav Kaushik April 6, 2019

Please be advised DigiCert will be performing planned system maintenance that will require downtime for all certificate ordering, order checking and fulfillment services for all DigiCert SSL brands (Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL).

The maintenance window will extend 12 hours and is scheduled for April 6, 2019, from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Pacific Time.

During this time, all organizations, including DigiCert, will be unable to process orders, check order status and issue certificates across all brands and certificate types. We're notifying you in advance, so you can plan accordingly. SSL Retail will have a banner on our website to alert customers during the outage. We've created this email template for you to notify your customers in advance. You might also find this support response template useful to respond to customer questions.

DigiCert seal services and revocation validation services (CRL and OCSP) will continue to operate normally. Current certificates and trusted seals will function without disruption. DigiCert will have processes in place to handle emergency revocations.

As April 6 approaches, DigiCert will provide updates through their blog and knowledge-base. We recommend bookmarking the knowledgebase and checking back often. You can check the real-time status of DigiCert services here. We'll remove the website banner when all services return to normal operations.

If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 support team via contact us page. We're here to help.

SSL Retail Team

Keshav Kaushik March 6, 2019

San Francisco, 06th March 2019, RSA Conference bringing all cyber-security professionals and industries together with empowering the collective approach in the industry. This includes the equal representation and expression of all genders, orientations, physical abilities, religions, ethnicities and experiences. At its core, it’s this kind of collaboration that stands to unlock our industry’s truest potential.

SSL Retail's representatives from US office joined the RSA conference 2019 at San Francisco, CA. Being a vigilant organisation on recent developments in system and network security joined several brain storming sessions on internet and network security and standards. RASC 2019 was a place for people from diverse fields and expertise ranging from hosting, computing, hardware, to networking and internet security.

The famous brand name in SSL industry Comodo was there with its new brand name Sectigo, same products, price, employees and experience with new name Sectigo. SSL Retail have also introduced Sectigo SSL certificates for retail at great discounts with same features as in Comodo.

In RSA Conference equal opportunity provided to speakers from any region, any gender and any field of expertise in Cyber Security. After every event keynotes were provided to bring away the extract of whole event and presentation, that is really awesome !!

It was a great place to meet and interact with famous cryptographers and mathematicians who play a great role in developing encryption systems and enhancement of their security.

After every such cyber security conference, the recent developments spread out and whole research aligned to a right direction, what it is going to adopt in near future. Therefore each and every speaker not only spread his knowledge but also get a response from market and industries regarding his or organisation's research.

Not only speakers spread the knowledge but one to one conversation is also contribute towards exchange of ideas and concepts.

Keshav Kaushik December 20, 2018

Wishes a Marry Christmas and New Year 2019

SSL Retail's Indian office is celebrating Christmas on 25th December 2018 and New year on 1st January 2018. In view of these celebrations customer support will shifted to our USA office for 24 hrs. During this period customers may experience little delay in reply of support requests and may expect a expert reply after 2 to 3 hrs of raising a support request.

SSL Retail again thanks to customers, wishes a Marry Christmas and New Year 2019.