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  • Code SigningCode Signing
  • Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerability Assessment
  • WarrantyWarranty - $1500000
  • Issuance Issuance - 1-3 Days
  • Validation TypeOrganization Validated

Symantec Code Signing Certificate is top level code signing certificate provided by No. 1 CA of the industry, people trust it with closed eyes. This comes with advanced vulnerability assessment feature which make sure that signed code is free from malware, trojan and other malicious code.

Symantec Code Signing is a top level fully Business Validated, code Signing Certificate for all type of organisations which need value, security and high level of trust. This certificate can be used to sign any type code like digital signature for Microsoft Authenticode, VBA and Office, Sun Java, Adobe AIR and Macromedia Shockwave. Robust and time-tested authentication process to verify the publisher identity. There is no limit the number of code you sign, you can also sign the device driver using this certificate.

Inform your users that your company’s code or application has been verified by the world-renown leader in web security, Symantec. Your customers will be confident that your company’s code is safe from modification, re-hosting, and impersonation by other, malicious 3rd parties.

Why Use Symantec Code Signing Certificate

Proudly show your customers that your code and content are safe to download/ install. This certificate also provide "Time Stamping" feature which lower your cost of signing. Code signing certificate remove all system generated warnings during the code or application installation and execution. This increase users trust in your organisation and code distributed by your website. It is compatible with most of operating systems even where other code signing certificates fail. Moreover this certificate comes with $1500000 warranty in case the security is compromised or issued to pirated organisation anyway, this is the highest warranty amount in the industry.


This is the organisation validated code signing certificate and you have to provide company related documentation and some other formalities to make sure that your organisation is genuine and legally working or running. Symantec claim that this process take only 1-3 days but you should remember that it is organisation validated certificate and there may be more delay in process of authentication. therefore we suggest you to order enough in advance so you have some extra days to manage delays. It is recommended to follow SSL Critical date of renew for renewal purpose.

Safety and Compatibility

This certificate support industries latest standard hash SHA-256, also known as SHA-2 support is available for Symantec Code Signing Certificate. This certificate digitally signs code with 32-bit or 64-bit portable executable including .cab, .exe, .dll, .csx, and kernel mode software. Additionally, the Symantec Code Signing certificate creates digital signatures using a public-key algorithm like the RSA public-key cipher.


Symantec Code Signing Certificate can be issued upto 7 time, which allow you to modify your organisation details time to time and ease the management of certificate.


Symantec Code Signing Certificate provide the warranty of $1500000 if security is compromised or any other fault from Symantec. This is the highest warranty on the market available with a code signing certificate. Additionally, the reissuance insurance and free installation checker are just two more reasons to go with a Symantec's Code Signing Certificate. These extraordinary features go above and beyond the competitors.

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