How to get my purchased certificate


Hi there,

I bought a 1 year SSL certificate, Order #20257. The order status is "Available", but when I click on the item, all I get is this:

<h2>Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate (1 year)</h2><strip>

Array ( [errorCode] => 0 [1_orderNumber] => 897311640 [1_orderDateTime] => 2022-04-18 06:59 [1_orderStatus] => Pending [1_orderStatusReason] => [1_1_serialNumber] => 00A5A647C36C1A3E561F96866176C756A7 [1_1_objectType] => PositiveSSL Certificate (366 days) [1_1_FQDN] => [1_1_certificateStatus] => Issued [1_1_certificateStatusReason] => [1_1_csrStatus] => 1 [1_1_dcvStatus] => 1 [1_1_caaStatus] => 1 [1_1_freeDVUPStatus] => -1 [1_1_ovCallBackStatus] => -1 [1_1_organizationValidationStatus] => -1 ) 1 897311640.


I checked my e-mail for mail with download link or something, but I haven't any.

My question is how to get my purchased certificate?

Best regards,

Valentin Siromahov

Posted: April 18, 2022

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