How to Install SSL on WebAsyst Shop Script

Shop Script is the online shopping or e-commerce app for WebAsyst CMS, Shop-script is used for creating online store website. Shop-Script has facility to accept online payments via credit card and other payment gateways, So it need to be PCI compliant and must have SSL certificate installed to enable HTTPS. WebAsyst Apps including Shop-Script are available with two type of payment plan:

  1. Hosted Version with monthly rental plan
  2. Purchase source code licence and host on any server of your choice

In 1st case ( using hosted version with monthly plan ) Just purchase SSL certificate, Open a support ticket with WebAsyst and send them SSL invite link to install your ssl certificate.

In 2nd case the installation process depends on the server type where Shop-Script is installed. Find the installation instructions for your server type and install it on the server.

Configure SSL on WebAsyst Shop-Script

1. Enable SSL for all WebAsyst Apps

If you want to run whole website or all apps with HTTPS then you can enable SSL for full settlement. To enable this setting:

Login in backend -> SIte (App) -> Settings -> Enable "Redirect to HTTPS"

2. Enable SSL Only for Shop-Script

If you want to run only Shop-Script App with HTTPS and other apps without HTTPS then you can enable SSL only for Shop-Script app. To enable this setting:

Login in backend -> SIte (App) -> Structure -> Choose Shop-Script Settlement -> Enable "Redirect to HTTPS"

3. Enable SSL for Checkout Only

If you want to run your website without HTTPS (may be for SEO reason) then you can enable SSL only for checkout pages and user account pages. To enable this setting:

Login in backend -> SIte (App) -> Structure -> Choose Shop-Script Settlement -> Scroll to bottom -> Enable "Use HTTPS for checkout and personal accounts"

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your SSL certificate! To check your work, visit the website in your browser at https://yourdomain.tld and view the certificate/site information to see if HTTPS/ SSL is working properly. Remember, you may need to restart your server for changes to take effect.

Feel free to contact us for further help.

Last update: April 18, 2019
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