DSC for High Courts and District Courts e-Filing (eToken)

This E-Signature Needed For E-Filing Procedure In High Courts & District Courts Of India

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  • Each advocate and petitioner need one digital signature/ DSC/ eToken
  • One digital signature can sign as many file as needed till expiry date of certificate i.e 1 or 2 year.
  • Digital SignatureDigital Signature

This digital certificate used for signing PDF files for any new litigation filing in high courts and district courts of India.

The e- Committee of the Supreme Court of India has designed & set up the e-filing system which enables electronic filing of legal papers (“e-filing”). Using the e-filing, cases (both civil and criminal) can be filed before all high courts and district courts that adopt this e-filing system. Introduction of this e-filing system is aimed at promoting paperless filing & create time and cost saving efficiencies by adopting technological solution to file cases before various courts in India. This User Manual is for enabling the users to understand the step by step process involved in e-filing, to facilitate use of e-filing system and offer support to users. The e-filing system can be used by any Advocate enrolled to practice in the Bar Council of any State in India or by any Petitioner in Person to file cases before the High court and District Courts of States that adopt this e-filing system. The system will also enable the police stations across India to e-file the charge sheets and other documents pertaining to criminal cases. The list of courts that have adopted this e-filing system will be shown to you in the form of drop down list the moment you select any State and District. Before use of e-filing, a user is required to read the user manual carefully and abide by its terms and follow its step by step guidance.

Hardware & software requirements for e-filing

A User must have a personal computer running a Linux or Windows or Macintosh, internet access, a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 software and a scanner to scan documents for e-filing. Documents in only PDF format will be accepted for e-filing. PDF documents can also be created by scanning hard copies of documents. When paper documents are scanned, the resolution must be set to 200 dpi. Currently the maximum size a document can be uploaded is 25MB per document pages for a .doc or .docx format.

Format requirements

The formatting requirements for any cases filed through the e-filing shall be as far as possible in compliance with the respective provisions/rules of the concerned court where a user e-files the case. It is recommended to file cases/documents using this facility in double space, Times new Roman 14 font only. Please note that this facility is for e-filing cases/documents. However, concerned court where a case/document is e-filed may require physical submission/ling of documents as well. Please note that at present e-filing does not support filing of audio/video clips as documents and only PDF format is supported by this software. Also, please do not submit encryption or password protected documents. Before filing the documents, please ensure that you have removed any hidden text, such as markings, track changes or annotations from source documents before converting them to PDF.

Security & making payments

The user account of every registered user is password-protected using encryption or other security features. We use industry standard measures to protect all information that is stored on our servers and within our database. Accepting Court Fees by online or electronic transaction depends on whether the State Government has any system in place to accept payment of Court Fees in electronic form. If such system is in place, in that case it may be possible to make online payment of Court Fees while using this website and e-filing cases. In order to pay any court fees through e-filing, using netbanking/credit cards, a SSL secure payment gateway has been integrated into the e-filing website where mechanism is available with State Government to accept the payment of Court Fees in electronic form. Any financial details submitted by a user shall be in an encrypted form and not saved on the website’s server but will be processed only by the SSL secure server of the payment gateway service. Alternatively, you can also upload scanned copy of receipt obtained after payment of Court Fees. No Money orders/ Demand Drafts are accepted for payment of Court Fee in the e-filing facility.

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