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  • Site SealDynamic Site Seal
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  • WarrantyWarranty - $500000
  • Issuance Issuance - Minutes
  • Validation TypeDomain Validation (DV)

Thawte SSL123 SSL Certificate is the best suited domain validation SSL Certificate for a blog or business website. This SSL Certificate is mobile friendly and available with a world wide reputed dynamic site seal which enhance trust among website users. Certificate can be generated Instantly and reissued if needed. Thawte is one of the most respected brand in the SSL certificate industry. This domain validated certificate offers a combination of trust, security and speed.

What is Thawte SSL123 SSL Certificate?

Thawte SSL123 SSL Certificate is domain validated ssl certificate signed by Thawte certification authority (CA). This is low cost cheap solution for all kind of small websites like personal HTML websites, school or college websites, WordPress Blog, small online shopping websites and API servers, mail server, FTP server etc. This certificate can be purchases, generate, validated and installed within few minutes without processing any document. That's because the Thawte SSL123 certificate is a Domain Validated certificate, offering a basic level of assurance to your customers and security to your website. However, the Thawte brand is one of the most respected and recognized trust seals on the web, making this certificate one of our more premium DV options.

WWW and non-WWW

Thawte SSL123 SSL Certificate is the ssl product which can be installed on both ie. with WWW and without using WWW with the domain name. It secure the both options with installation of this single ssl. This certificate can not secure other sub-domains because it is not a wildcard type of certificate, if you are willing to secure all the sub-domains with www, it is recommended to choose a wildcard ssl certificate for your website. SAN is available for the base domain name only, it can not be added additional domain names.

Encryption and Security

Thawte SSL123 certificate available with industry standard up to 256-bit encryption SSL certificate. This makes it a ideal cheap solution for small scale websites like simple HTML Websites, blog and shopping carts. This certificate is also a perfect way to safely secure something simple like a customer login form.

Benefits of using Thawte SSL123

  • Cheap and Simple Entry Level Certificate
  • Free SAN Support for common base domain names though additional SAN can not be added.
  • Just order and Install this ssl certificate, Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
  • Automated two step online validation - no paperwork needed
  • Browser recognition - Highest in Industry!
  • Free Site Seal comes with this ssl certificate
  • Thawte SSL123 is a mobile browsers friendly certificate
  • $500,000 warranty give you extra assurance.
  • This certificate covers both www & non-www domain names and it's considered the same FQDN.
  • Due to Automated Validation, Immediate Issuance
  • Domain Validation - No documentation needed to complete validation process.
  • Domain Name Shown On Certificate as it is domain validated, it will not display business name.
  • A Standard Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • Site Seal from Thawte
  • Unlimited Server License so you are free to change your web host or server..
  • A Complete 30 days easy refund

Free Dynamic Site Seal with Thawte SSL123

Thawte SSL123 certificate website will display a dynamic site seal that shows off that your site is protected by this industry recognized SSL brand. It prints as "Secured by Thawte" right on it for all of your users. Static site seals needs to install on each page of your website, this seal is  quick & easy to install and can help increase the amount of trust a customer has in your website. However, these seals are not "clickable" and therefore don't show additional verification information related to your site. It also does not display any dynamic or real-time data related to your site's security.

Warranty with Thawte SSL123

Thawte SSL123 certificate product comes with a $500,000 warranty. Certification Authority (CA) is providing such a big amount warranty it means that they rely highly on this product. If the site was improperly validated, actually not secured and/or issued to a fraudulent site by Thawte, the Certification Authority (CA) would compensate the end user of the site or victim up to $500,000 for any losses or damages. These types of warranties are geared towards protecting your customers, along with establishing the credibility of the site owner, which gives users the confidence they need to make transactions on your site.

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