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Symantec secure server SHA algorithm (SHA-1 algorithm) ssl certificate signed using weak hashing algorithm SHA-1. This ssl certificate use weak signing algorithm for legacy devices are not compatible with SHA-2 signature algorithm. This Symantec ssl certificate uses SHA encryption algorithm SHA-1 which is considered weak compare to SHA-2 signature algorithm.

Symantec Secure Site Pro SHA-1 Private is ssl certificate signed using weak hashing algorithm for a specific devices those do not support modern SHA-2 algorithm (what is SHA - SHA-1 vs SHA-256). It secure server and devices still rely on conventional sha1 algorithm hashing system. SHA-1 certificate supportmost of the devices and interfaces which are made for SHA-1 RSA. This SHA-1 algorithm certificate secures both www & non-www domain names with the purchase of a single certificate. Symantec SHA-1 certificate is signed by Symantec trust services private sha1 root ca. This is multi-domain and multi-server SHA-1 certificate with one free domain included is for your base domain for one server only. Additional Domains and servers can be added during initial purchase.

Multi-domain SHA-1 Certificate

Symantec multi-domain SHA-1 Certificate can secure more than one domain name which could be a sub-domain. During this process the certificate should be generated and installed as a fresh. It can be reissued 30 times for free, it's more than required for proper maintenance.

Organization Validation SHA-1 Certificate

Symantec Secure Site Pro SHA-1 Private SSL certificate is organisation validated provides up to 256-bit encryption strength and comes with a 2048-bit RSA signature key. It is available with SHA-1 full chain and SHA-mixed chain and supports RSA (not DSA or ECC).

What is SHA-1? Is SHA-1 secure?

SHA-1 is an older version of SHA algorithm that is no longer seen as secure by industry experts and major browsers and is not allowed to be used during the generation process any longer by the industry. Now a days SHA-2 certificates are used and considered secure as compared to SHA-1 certificates. SHA-1 certificates are only used for devices which are not compatible with sha2 signature algorithm.

Renew Instructions

This Symantec SSL Certificate must be renewed every year, renewal purchase is expected to initiate 30 days before the expiry date of certificate. Through CA claim the processing time is 1-3 days but keep in mind that it is the Organisation Validated Certificate and may involve some complications during authentication of organisation/ firm/ company, so it may take more time. It is safe to follow the SSL Critical Renew date for safe renew without any 'SSL dead' time period as during this time your site is not accessible.

Free Anti-Malware Scan

Symantec Secure Site Pro SHA-1 Private SSL certificate ensure that your website is not only secure but fully safe for your visitors. That's why a daily free anti-malware scan is included with this certificate. It will also generate actionable report which reveal the existence and location of corrupt code on your website. It not only develop user trust but also beneficial for search engines and SEO, overall increase rank of your website. Luckily, included with your Symantec purchase is a Daily Website Malware Scanner, so that you can stay clean & safe by knowing exactly when bad code may be present and where it is.

Free Norton Security Seal

You add https to website to secure your site for customer trust and it is not possible until you display the trust seal. Symantec secure server SHA-1 algorithm ssl certificate comes with free Norton security seal. The Norton Secured Site Seal is topmost trusted seal over internet, It display your investment for visitors security. This trusted symbol is used by major corporations around the world because they understand the value and trust that the Norton check-mark provides.

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