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RapidSSL Certificate is ultra quick, domain validated, 128/256 bit industry standard single root ssl certificate. Rapid SSL provide automatic validation and certificate generation process. It can be issued within minutes and support almost all type of servers for installation. Competitive Upgrade benefits are available with mobile friendly, 99% browser support and static site seal. Finally this is very cheap and most popular ssl certificate in the world.

RapidSSL is very popular certificate of SSL industry because of its price, quick and auto issuance, mobile friendliness and 2 minute validation process. Not only its low cost which make it popular but also it wide range of acceptance, people purchase it very frequently for many purposes like testing app communication, small websites, blog, forums and one page resume websites. This certificate secure your website with moderate level of trust embedded into it, display green color HTTPS and a closed position padlock.

Why Buy RapidSSL

Except being a low cost RapidSSL comes with unlimited server licence so that it can be installed on any number of servers. This certificate also comes with 7 time reissuance during the valid period, so it gives you freedom of changing your website hosting provider anytime you willing to do so. RapidSSL certificate also give you competitive upgrade benefits like 90 days extra validity to compensate earlier renewal time period. RapidSSL also comes with free RapidSSL static site seal.

Authentication and Encryption

RapidSSL is a fully-stable 128/256-bit encryption single-root SSL certificate. RapidSSL also uses industry standard SHA 2 hashing algorithm which is safe from reverse engineering hacking. This makes it an ideal solution for a blog, school website, personal website, very light ecommerce site and CMS or a perfect way to safely secure something like a customer login form.

WWW and non-WWW

Unfortunately this certificate do not support www subdomain but still if you want to display your website as https://www.sslretail.com then you can include www in CSR and submit it for signing. Here you should be aware that in this case non-www domain will not work. If you need support for both WWW and non-WWW at affordable price then you should purchase Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate.

Mobile friendly

RapidSSL certificate works for desktop as well as mobile devices so your site is secured on all devices.


With this ssl certificate, you get a $10,000 warranty. This means that if the site was improperly validated, actually not secured and/or issued to a fraudulent site by this Certificate Authority (CA), etc., the CA would compensate the end user of the site or victim up to $10,000 for any loss or damages incurred. Warranties are geared towards protecting your customers and to establish credibility of the site owner, giving users the confidence they need to make purchases on your site.

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EV SSL bring your business to new heights, we offer industries leading EV certificates at lowest prices. EV SSL product is highly secure and most trusted certificate which display your business name on the browser addressbar with secure padlock. Customers or website visitors can verify name, existance, operating status and domain control of the business by clicking on the trusted dynamic site seal. High warranty amount, mobile friendly, Anti-malware Scan and minimum issuance time make it a precious value. EV SSL also highly increase SEO ranking and performance of your business website.

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