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  • Site SealDynamic Site Seal
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  • WarrantyWarranty - $50000
  • Issuance Issuance - 1-3 Days
  • Validation TypeOrganization Validated

Comodo Instant SSL Certificate is an organisation validation certificate which assures high level of online reputation of an organisation by authenticating the organisation existence and operating status. This SSL Certificate, a SSL product is ideal for light and small eCommerce sites interested in boosting their trust quickly and affordably. Comodo Instant SSL Certificate will not only encrypt information sent from website users to your server, but will also increase the trust in visitors have in your website by displaying highly trusted dynamic site seal.

How to Validate an Organization for Comodo InstantSSL ?

Since this an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, your company/ firm will have to complete a light vetting process before it gets issued the certificate and seal. This process is very quick and doesn't take too long to complete, usually only between 1-3 Days. The InstantSSL validation process ensures that many visual trust indicators are activated on your site, including "https", the padlock icon in addressbar, and the Dynamic Comodo site seal.

Please note: This SSL product requires you to complete Telephone Verification. Comodo requires either a Dun and Bradstreet, listing, or a Legal Opinion Letter to complete telephone verification. Other third party telephone directories such as will not be accepted after this date. If you cannot complete these options, please contact support at as we have other solutions that may be easier for you to complete.

Benefits of using InstantSSL

  • Full Organisation validated certificate - Increase trust among website users or customers.
  • Industry Most trusted and reputed 2048-bit SSL Certificate
  • Supported and Trusted by all major desktop and phone Browsers
  • 99.3% Browser Ubiquity.
  • Change your server of hosting provider without any addition SSL charges, just reissue and install on new server as this product has unlimited re-issuance policy.
  • FREE Corner-of-Trust trustmark
  • $50,000 Relying Party Warranty provided by Comodo.
  • Industry standard Up to 256-bit encryption level
  • Full time human support by e-mail and web
  • This is cheapest and affordable certificate product starting at only at $37 per year
  • Unlimited server licenses all free hand for choosing any web hosting provider.
  • To make sure your website remain malware free and protected from hackers 1 year free PCI scanning service, 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning
  • And all the best is 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Comodo Dynamic Site Seal

This ssl product includes free and highly reputed Dynamic Comodo Secure Site Seal, which will let your web visitors or customers know that your site and company has been fully validated by a reputable, third-party security leader. Also, since this is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, the Comodo Secure Seal is Dynamic, it means that the website information can be verified by clicking on the dynamic seal.

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