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Submit EPF transfer claim and KYC attestation online by registering DSC on EPFO website, It is a very easy process and a step by step guide is available here. The DSC can be also registered via email.

Employers can register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) at the EPFO website or via email. The process is one time and the same DSC is used every time until its expiry. After registration, the signature or DSC can be used for any important tasks like KYC attestation, transfer claim attestation, etc are being done online by the authorized persons of employers using their digital signatures (DSC) or Aadhar based e-Signs on EPFO portal. However, they require a one-time approval from regional Offices for this purpose.
To submit the PF transfer claim eMudhra Class 2 Gold or Class 3 Platinum Digital Signature Certificates are trusted by EPFO. This information is published and reported by EconomicTimes.

How to register DSC on EPFO website?

To upload digital signature or DSC in EPFO unified portal, follow these steps:-

  1. Go to homepage of EPFO website.
  2. On the menu bar, place cursor on digital certificate. And click on Register Certificate to register the Digital Signature Certificate.
  3. Please fill the relevant information in the form and press NEXT button.
  4. Select the certificate file type- USB Token (don't select .pfx as it is only used for PFX certificates).
  5. Upload the certificate.

Here is detailed step by step PDF guide available including instructions and images -

Process for registering digital signature certificate (DSC) at EPFO website

Why in EPFO, DSC PDF signature showing blank?

Only after successfully uploading the and registering DSC to EPFO website you will be able to recognize the your certificate in EPF account. The registered certificate can be used multiple time for signing process until the certificate expire. The certificate can be renewed and registered as a fresh DSC, once it is expired.

How to revoke digital signature in EPFO?

To revoke or remove the DSC from your EPF account you need to login and click on Digital Certificate link, and then you can revoke the selected certificate.

How long it will take to issue DSC for EPFO website?

The certificate will be issued immediately, if you verify your aadhar or UID by phone based eKYC. If your phone number is not registered with aadhar, in that case you have to send us scanned copy of your identity documents. Our representative will call you for document collection and verification. The process is easy and quick.

DSC or Digital Signature will be sent you via SPEED POST or Courier service in a USB Token. Mostly people receive it within 3 days but it may take 6-7 days as per postal service. You can start using it immediately once it is in your hands.

It is strongly recommended to keep your DSC token password protected and always keep it in locker.

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