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Professional ID by Certum SSL Certificate

Professional ID by Certum
$28 $26
2 years

Features of Professional ID by Certum

  • Digital Signature Digital Signature
  • Additional Server Price MultiServer
  • Scanning Product Scanning Product
  • Site Seal Dynamic Site Seal
  • Warranty Warranty - $4000
  • Issuance Issuance - 1-3 Days
  • Validation Type Organization Validated (OV)

Certum Professional ID​ is a premium digital signing certificate which verify the authenticity of all user’s identities and not only authenticate the email and name of user but also ensuring that their company details are authentic and matched inside the certificate. User can sign company documents, legal documents and all bids, contracts etc.

Certum Digital Signature

Professional ID is an extended version of the digital signing certificate, with full authentication of its holder's identity, e-mail address and company details. Thanks to the procedure, the certificate may be used for the electronic signing of trade and business documents of special importance for the company, such as bids and contracts. It may also be used as a tool ensuring the integrity and reliability of an electronic invoice (e-invoice). The certificate efficiently protects all financial electronic or digital correspondence, and it is also supported by all popular e-mail clients/ readers, web browsers, applications, and Microsoft operating systems.

  • High level of protection and reliability
  • Safe electronic correspondence, including business letters
  • Reliable authentication of the certificate holder
  • Data contained in the certificate: e-mail address, name and last name (optionally company details)
  • Electronic signature in PDF files and as part of e-invoices
  • Advanced electronic signature
  • Any media device including smartphone, notepad, desktop etc.
  • Recommended key length: 2048 / 4096
  • Period of validity: 1-3 years
  • Technical support 24h

Certificate verification - minimum formalities

Upon purchase of Professional ID, authentication of the purchaser's identity is required. Thanks to the authentication procedure you gain a high level of reliability of signed e-mails and documents.

Encryption strength

Minimum encryption key length: RSA/DSA 2048 bit, EC 571 bit: sect571k1 (NIST K-571) and sect571r1 (NIST B-571).

The benefits of Professional ID

Professional ID is intended for signing and encrypting e-mails and files, including business letters. It will be strong evidence for your client that you are a reliable partner and that your messages and documents are safe.

In particular, recommended for:

  • E-mail encryption (e.g. via Outlook),
  • Advanced digital signature,
  • Electronic (Digital) signature as part of e-invoice services,
  • Logging into on-line systems through WWW (e.g. bank account, web service, account administration, hosting services),
  • Logging into applications,
  • Signing PDF documents.

Browser Support and Compatibility

Compatible Browsers: Chrome 3+ (above), Opera 7+ (above), Safari all browsers, Firefox 1+ (above), Netscape 9+ (above), IE 5+ (above), AOL 10+ (above).
Mobile compatibilities include:Android (carrier specific), Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 & 6, Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari, Microsoft Windows CE 4.0, Microsoft IE Pocket PC 2003, Microsoft IE Smartphone 2003, RIM Blackberry 4.3.0, Major Operators Inc. Vodaphone, Orange, AT&T, NTT/DoCoMo, SoftBank Mobile, KDDI, Brew, PalmOS 5.x, Netfront 3.0+, Opera 4.10+, Openwave mobile browser 6.20+, Major handset providers SonyEricsson, Nokia.

Professional SSL installation service

money back offerInstall Professional ID by Certum! No more headache!! No more waste of time!! Do not try hands on production server, Our SSL experts completely handle your SSL Installation with our full-service SSL Installation Service. We assign personal engineer for each installation order who ensure that SSL is installed accuratly and working as expected. We'll do it all and you can work for your business.

SSL money back offer 30 days warranty

money back offerProfessional ID by Certum is available with 30 days easy money back offer. The digital certificate authority CA provide $4000 warranty on this SSL certificate product against any security breach. In the extremely unlikely event that an end-user experiences any breach in their SSL certificate, they will be compensated for up to $4000 by the Certificate Authority (CA).

Specifications of Professional ID by Certum

Additional Server Price
Auto Install
Vendor Name
Code Signing
3 Months Free*
Malware Scan
SAN Support
Vulnerability Assessment
Mobile Friendly
Green Bar

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  • Professional ID by Certum

    Certum Professional ID​ is a premium digital signing certificate which verify the authenticity of all user’s identities and not only authenticate the email and name of user but also ensuring that their company details are authentic and matched...


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