Extend ssl certificate expiration date

SSL renewal is same as ssl installation at first time except that in some servers we need not to generate a fresh CSR but in case we want to change business details or hosting server then new CSR generation is mandatory. SSL certificate can not renew just buy paying term rental as we do for hosting and domain renewal services. Once the SSL Certificate expire, it is not possible to extend its expiry date as it is hardcoded and encrypted in the certificate itself. So to extend the date we need to sign a new CSR with new or existing business details and install that fresh certificate on the server.

SSL Critical Renew Date

Before SSL renewal it is good to know the expiry date of existing SSL certificate installed on the domain. To view SSL expiry date you can use any browser like Google Chrome or firefox or use our SSL checker and expiry alert service. Renew your SSL Certificate about 90 days to 5 days before the expiry date of SSL Certificate. SSL Critical Renew Date depends on the processing time and installation time of a certificate, the processing time depends upon Validation type.

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate - SSL Critical Renew Date is 5 days before expiry date.
  • Organisation Validation (OV) SSL certificate - SSL Critical Renew Date is 30 days before expiry date.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate - SSL Critical Renew Date is 60 days before expiry date.

If you not renew before SSL Critical Renew Date it could be highly dangerous for your website. So do not wait for expiry date and renew before SSL Critical Renew Date.

SSL Expired - Renew Now

SSL is expired but not renewed, you can still order for renewal but your website will not be accessible during this "Dead SSL Period". Until you not renew, browser will display error:

SSL Renew - Fresh Authentication/ Validation

Everytime you renew ssl, you need to generate new CSR as well as provide fresh organisation information when generate CSR. We recommend not to try old CSR because it will make installation process more complicated and may show several error messages.

Pro SSL Installation for your website

You can hire our professionals to install ssl on your website. For seamless and proper SSL certificate installation on production server we provide Professional SSL Installation service. You can Order Here and get rid of all headache, we will handle it.

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