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  • PCI ScannerPCI Scanner
  • Site SealDynamic Site Seal
  • Malware ScanMalware Scan
  • Vulnerability AssessmentVulnerability Assessment
  • Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly
  • Issuance Issuance - Minutes

Basic Geotrust Anti-malware Scan disinfect your website from malware, virus, bug, phishing, tracking and any other signs of intrusion by hackers. Just scan your website with Geotrust Anti-malware scan if it is compromised or your receive notification mail from google or any other abnormality noticed on the site. This is the cheap and affordable solution which scan and disinfect your website.

Malware is malicious code hidden in web code and perform some unwanted tasks and users are not able to see it. With this product, your site will have the tools to withstand the toughest hackers with a daily scan. If anything is detected, you will be notified and directed to a list of infected pages and the code causing the problem. Your system administrator will now have the opportunity to delete all the code before it becomes a problem for your customers.

What is Anti-malware Scan

Detection, removal and generation of security threat report for a web page to improve users experience. Anti-Malware scan is a regular process of scanning website on daily basis which is a automatic process to avoid any unnecessary shut down of website. The best Anti-malware Scan can detect all malicious code at early stage and send an alert email to administrator with detailed report. After that administrator manually review the code and remove malware code from malware, in this way it save your website from unexpected shut down. Anti-malware scan also protect the customers data, product data and transaction details from being compromised.

Benefits of GeoTrust Web Site Anti-malware Scan

You will get:

  • Daily anti-malware scan for regular check-ups for your website.
  • Security Scan of web pages to identify malicious code & activity which enable cleaning of an infected code on your web pages.
  • Instant alerts notifications identifying malicious code and malware removal.
  • On-demand security scans for quick confirmation of your site is free from malware.
  • A trust mark from GeoTrust, the #1 brand of SSL for the top 1 million most-visited domains on the web.

Dynamic Site Seal

GeoTrust Web Site Anti-malware Scan comes with Dynamic site seal logo that can be installed on all pages to point visitors attention and show that website protected against malware. Such seals boost sales by increasing conversions and trust from most visitors. Customers gets additional information when click to that seal to see details and report

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